Particl Project
Status Report

For general overview of Particl Project's goals visit Project Roadmap

Updated 7 December 2018

Recently completed

  • Particl Marketplace (alpha, testnet)
    • GUI Stabilize, Bug fixes and UI improvements
    • Displaying the listings expiring in time
    • Filtering of reported items in a single view to cast your vote
  • Particl Desktop
    • Better fund conversion between Public, Blind and Anon
    • Design/UX
      • Unify address details modal
    • Proposals
      • Clearing attention notifications
  • Staking pool statistics

Waiting for review

  • Particl Desktop (alpha, testnet)
    • Automated testing - Integration testing
    • Settings page
      • GUI Settings
      • Core Settings
      • Market Settings
  • Particl Marketplace (alpha, testnet)
    • Sorting order of templates and listings in Sell page
    • Adding weights behind the votes on Listing governance (backend)

In development

  • Particl Marketplace (alpha, testnet)
    • Code refactoring
      • Improved command error handling
      • Fix existing black box tests
      • Add tests for the existing API
    • Update testing documentation
    • Automated Testing
      • End to End testing
      • Unit Testing
      • Regression Testing
    • Design/UX
      • Redesign of Listing's detail page including public comments
      • Private messaging (between Seller and Buyer)
      • Layout and design for inventory management
    • GUI Stabilize and Bug fixes
      • Resolving all bugs reported on latest Testnet Build (1.2.2-20181128-alpha-RC1)
      • Image uploads/compression causing resolution issues
    • Adding weights behind the votes on Governance (Listing removal)
    • Sorting order of templates and listings in Sell page
    • Updating testing documentation
  • RingCT Implementation
  • Third Party Integration
    • Trezor integration

Upcoming features

  • Particl Marketplace (beta)
    • Inventory Management
    • Product Imports
    • Deposit Negotiations
    • Marketplace versioning for messages and listings
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

Particl Desktop

Particl Desktop is the best and easiest way to access the Particl ecosystem. Just like an operating system, it acts as a host for its decentralized applications, wallet, and marketplace.

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