Particl Project
Status Report

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Updated 16 February 2019

Recently completed

  • Particl Marketplace (alpha, testnet)
    • Bug fixes
    • Retrieving an smsg message in a textual format changed from ‘ascii’ to ‘text’
    • Error message - invalid from address when wallet is not encrypted
  • Particl Desktop
    • Enhancement on
      • Transaction Overview Page
      • Listings detail page
    • Bug fixes identified by community/team members
    • New version Available update (displays on existing versions that a new release is available)
    • Reduced Image quality for lower transaction costs
    • Cart listing management enhancements
    • Changed how accepting the terms work
    • Listing fee estimate now use actual size of the listing
    • Enhancement made to saving a listing for later
  • Particl Copay
    • Bug fixes with latest available version

Waiting for review

  • Particl Desktop
    • JavaScript Error when downloading the daemon
    • Layout and design for inventory management
  • Particl Copay
    • Add Cold-Staking to Particl Copay App
      • Including visual enhancements
      • QR code scanning
    • Disable the ability to add Bitcoin Cash as a wallet

In development

  • Particl Marketplace (alpha, testnet)
    • Code refactoring
    • OMP Library Integration
    • MP error message amount out of range
    • Public comments on listings
  • Particl Desktop
    • Unlock modal not closing on submit in certain cases
    • Published listings displaying as unpublished
    • GUI Stabilize and Bug fixes
  • Particl Copay
    • Cold staking to multisig wallet
  • RingCT Implementation
  • Third Party Integration
    • Trezor integration

Upcoming features

  • Particl Marketplace (beta)
    • Inventory Management
    • Product Imports
    • Deposit Negotiations
    • Marketplace versioning for messages and listings
  • Particl Copay
    • Disable ability to add Bitcoin Cash as a wallet
    • Add Cold-Staking to Multisig Wallet on Particl Copay App
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

Particl Desktop

Particl Desktop is the best and easiest way to access the Particl ecosystem. Just like an operating system, it acts as a host for its decentralized applications, wallet, and marketplace.

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