meet-up Manila Blockchain Christmas Fair

Manila Blockchain Christmas Fair

’Tis the Season - Particl, BlockChats, and Coding Girls Manila invite you to Manila’s Blockchain Christmas Fair at BlockchainSPACE! Join the community for a magical evening between sweet treats, secret Santas, your favourite jingles, and a VIP panel on the topic of:

Christmas Shopping 2.0 - Can Amazon be replaced by Decentralised Applications?

Be it electronics, games, clothes, or even groceries - we all do it, online shopping. Obviously. It is easy, fast, and convenient, and anything that allows us to stay on the sofa in the comfort of our beloved four walls is highly appreciated.

As Amazon, eBay, AliBaba, Etsy & Co. continue to expand their activity fields, what once seemed so glorious has come to reveal an unpleasant truth: our comfortable consumer experience comes at a price.

Every click, every swipe, and (probably, they say) even every word adds to a profile of our persona, a puzzle that we willingly help to complete as we share our name, address, credit card details, location, gender, favourite music, photos, food preferences, clothing size… But we seem to like it, since we reward the marketplaces by paying them for their good work, in the fees they freely decide to impose on us. Not happy with that? No problem, just stop buying online.

But are there really only two options – play the game or be excluded from the empire? And how much do we actually care about giving away our personal details? What, if anything, would make us reconsider our preferred online shopping choice?

Our panelists are going to cover questions all the way from the basics to the future prospects.

Meet-up details

Event starts 14 December, 2018 (18:30)
Event ends 14 December, 2018 (21:30)
Location BlockchainSpace, Manila, Philippines (map)
More info Meet-up website

Particl presence (panelists)

Confirmed Particl team members and advisors present at event:


Lina Seiche

Lead Event Coordinator & Community Evangelist
Miguel Cuneta

Miguel Cuneta

Crypto Ecosystem & Adoption – Co-Founder and CCO at Satoshi Citadel Industries

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