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Singapore is one of the countries where Particl and its Open Marketplace could shine very brightly. Not only is this the intersection between the Asian and European FinTech industries, but the country is also seeking to push new regulations that would eliminate any taxes for purchases and sales made using cryptocurrencies. This, combined with the Open Marketplace’s near-zero costs, will create a huge opportunity for businesses, allowing them to dramatically reduce their costs in a way that simply wouldn’t be possible if using traditional payment methods (as in…not using cryptocurrencies).

On top of that, Singaporeans and Singaporean businesses are known for being particularly tech-savvy and at the forefront of innovations. The strong benefits of the Open Marketplace, combined with the new crypto-friendly tax regulations that are being proposed within the country, make a very strong case for using Particl.

For this reason, the team is going to send Particl’s advisor Miguel Cuneta to touch base with various Singapore-based businesses and demonstrate how they could dramatically optimize their entire business models. While individuals stand to save a lot of money per sale selling on Particl, Miguel’s presence at this conference will mostly be focused on reaching out to businesses.

Conference details

Event starts 14 November, 2019
Event ends 15 November, 2019
Location Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (map)
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Particl presence (visitors)

Confirmed Particl team members and advisors present at event:

Miguel Cuneta

Miguel Cuneta

Crypto Ecosystem & Adoption – Co-Founder and CCO at Satoshi Citadel Industries

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