conference Hacker's Congress Paralelní Polis

Hacker's Congress Paralelní Polis

World mandatory passportization celebrates its 100th anniversary.

A nasty dehumanization, carefully marking all people by their governments, stealing their biometrics, strengthening the power of territorial states and suppressing the liberty of individuals.

There remains however the possibility to choose a suitable permanent residency, to create international companies, to get a better passport and to use state cheats to hack the tyrant.

Use cryptographic technology to regain privacy, to save freedom, to step up from the first constrained realm and to build the second one.

Achieve new freedom using globality and flexibility.

Opt-out of the system!

Every year we invite speakers and opinion leaders from various fields such as the freedom movement, cryptoanarchy, sharing economy, cryptocurrencies, economy, sociology, political art, hacking and much more.

Conference details

Event starts 3 October, 2019
Event ends 5 October, 2019
Location Paralelní Polis, Prague (map)
More info Conference website

Particl presence (visitors)

Confirmed Particl team members and advisors present at event:


Juha Kovanen

Marketplace Developer
Ido Kaiser


Developer, OMP & Core
Martin Allien

Martin Allien

UI/UX integration, Designer, Front-end Developer

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