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This year, Particl has been invited to Money20/20 by a another team. Both Particl and this team has grown closer to each other ever since meeting at Consensus 2019. Money20/20 is a fintech and financial conference uniting some of the biggest names in these industries. While it isn’t a cryptocurrency or blockchain conference at all, it is a perfect opportunity for the project to be introduced to various key players in the eCommerce and financial industry as well as get to know businesses and help them reduce their operational costs through the Particl platform.

The team that’s inviting Particl to this conference wishes to introduce the Particl protocol to many of its partners, clients, and friends. The objective behind these meetings is to help these businesses to reduce their costs and increase their security and privacy by using the Particl protocol in multiple ways.

Note: Money20/20 is part of Las Vegas’ Blockchain Week, meaning many after-parties and side-events will be happening throughout the week. Particl will seek out the most logical and worthy events to attend to depending on its needs and obligations at the time.

Conference details

Event starts 27 October, 2019
Event ends 30 October, 2019
Location The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV (map)
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Particl presence (visitors)

Confirmed Particl team members and advisors present at event:



Project management & Communications

Joe Fisher

E-Commerce Strategy – Private label online seller, Product Developer

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