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About Particl's Open Marketplace

The Particl Market is the new way to buy and sell online.

It enables direct person to person e-commerce. Using peer-to-peer technology, it operates with no central authority or middleman and is exclusively owned and operated by its network of users.

Particl is a true alternative to centralized solutions and offers to everyone the ability to partake in the global economy at nearly zero cost, regardless of its geographical location.

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Why Particl Open Marketplace?

Private by default

The Particl marketplace provides all the benefits of a blockchain based decentralized marketplace, without any of the standard privacy concessions. Any purchase or sale is executed without revealing your identity, just like in-person cash transactions.

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No middleman

The Particl Marketplace frees users from maintenance fees, commission fees, data ownership and exploitation, as well as all other inconveniences induced by the usage of centralized e-commerce third parties.

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Security & control

All transactions are secured by academically reviewed and audited cryptography. Particl is designed to offer to users a total data sovereignty and an immunity against digital attacks.

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Near-zero fees

The Particl Open Marketplace protocol does not charge users with more than is necessary for it to operate safely. The processing fees are kept at a bare minimum and are entirely redistributed to the stakers securing the network.

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Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted In development

The Particl Open Marketplace has been built to work in synergy with multiple cryptocurrencies under the umbrella of the highly secure and private PART coin, to obfuscate the payment.

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Check the development progress of Particl and see what’s coming up next

Status Report


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