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Updated January 30, 2020

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In Progress New feature

Trezor Wallet Integration

The initial integration of Particl into Trezor’s hardware wallet enables the secure holding and cold staking of PART. Carry PART on the go and protect your funds even if your computer is compromised. The initial integration will only enable public balances to be held on Trezor devices.

In Progress New feature

Market: Market Management (Infinite markets)

Create or join an infinite number of markets and seller storefronts on the Particl network, each one being accessible from Particl Desktop. Simply connect to a market by entering its Market ID in the Market Browser.

Allows sellers to set up a personalized environment where they can sell their products. Ideal for established brands and/or communities. A market/storefront’s access code (Market ID) can be published on the seller’s website to prove ownership of a certain market and its content.

In progress New feature

Lightning Network

May 6, 2019 – The Particl Lightning Network has arrived on testnet! It is now possible to test the Lightning Network on Particl by running the Particl LND application. For more information about it and to know how to test it for yourself, head over to this blog post.

Planned Improvement

ZMQ for MP Messages

Short for ZeroMQ, this is an automated messaging system that allows messages and notifications to be automatically pushed to Particl Desktop. An example would be if Particl Desktop has an update available, ZMQ will push notification to Particl Desktop and users will see a notice a new version of the Desktop is available.

Planned Improvement

Blind Lightning

Blind Lightning is our very own projected custom implementation of the Lightning Network with added support for CT and RingCT privacy transactions. This would allow for anonymous atomic swaps as well as improved privacy within the Lightning Network itself.

Planned New feature

Identity management (Custom identities)

Create and manage an infinite number of seller identities through the use of user profiles. Each market and storefront created by a seller can be associated with any identity. Identities under the same user profile cannot be associated and tied together.

Allows sellers to create multiple shops, markets, and listings without creating any sort of association between each of them. Alternatively, Identity Management can be used to link multiple markets or storefronts to the same seller so that he can benefit from the reputation he’s gained selling on Particl.

Planned Improvement

Market: Listing fee reduction

Reduces the costs associated with listing an item on Particl’s marketplace (estimated fee reduction: 80%+).

Allows sellers to list items at a much lower cost. Ideal for sellers looking to list larger inventories without breaking the bank.

Planned Improvement

Market: Adjustable escrow rate

Makes the escrow system’s required security deposits adjustable.

Allows the security deposits required by the escrow system to be adjustable and not be set at 100% of the item’s value all the time. Enables a more customizable environment that can cater to a wider variety of industries.

Planned Improvement

Market: Optionally disable Escrow

Makes Particl’s double deposit MAD escrow system an opt-out option for sellers.

Allows sellers to make Particl’s double deposit MAD escrow system entirely optional. Ideal for established sellers with a past reputation who may not need escrow as their customer base already trusts them. Eliminates a major obstacle to adoption for a certain type of vendors and use-cases, and also paves the way for automated digital deliveries.

Planned Improvement

Market: Better public comments notifications

Notifications indicating to the seller which listing has received a question, comment, or feedback from a user.

The client currently doesn’t indicate which listing has received a question in any practical way. This can get bothersome quickly for sellers with many listed items that are receiving many different questions. This roadmap item fixes that issue by clearly indicating which listing has received a comment.

Planned Improvement

Market: Improved listing browsing and searching

Improves the behavior of the listing explorer to give users better tools to filter and sort listings as well as get more accurate results out of their searches.

This particular item is a collection of many smaller items related to the browsing and searching of listings on Particl Desktop. It includes better searches, filters, tags, a sorting mechanism, and many other smaller improvements. This item is likely to be implemented in phases at different points in time.

Planned New feature

Market: Inventory, quantity, filter, and attribute management

Lets sellers manage inventory quantities and product attributes (i.e. clothing size, color, fabric, etc).

Allows sellers to manage their inventories much more easily. It also allows them to better describe and announce their products by creating/using custom attributes such as product size, duration, colour, etc. These attributes act as filters when browsing the marketplace.

Planned New feature

Market: Reputation system

Gives buyers the ability to rate sellers after completing a full transaction flow.

Reputation gives more information to buyers so they can make better-informed shopping decisions. It also keeps sellers in check. The reputation system also ties in closely with Identity Management as sellers could carry their reputation over different markets or storefronts.

Planned New feature

Market: Share a listing online (URL)

Makes listings able to be shared online using an URL.

Allows sellers to be able to promote their listings online by sharing them through different platforms (i.e. Twitter, official website, newsletters, etc).

Planned New feature

Market: Automated digital delivery

Fully integrated digital item delivery system that enables sellers to list digital products without having to host the content outside Particl Desktop.

Digital items are a huge use-case for decentralized marketplaces. This roadmap item intends on bringing forward an integrated way for sellers to easily sell digital items on Particl Desktop. Then, by combining this roadmap item with “Optional escrow”, that will eventually allow for automated digital deliveries.

Planned Improvement

Market: Alternative cryptocurrency payment options

Allows people to top up their Particl account with other cryptocurrencies.

Integrating more payment options allows Particl’s marketplace to reach more crypto communities and give a use-case to many more individuals. It also helps the entire ecosystem as a whole by providing an easy way to spend cryptocurrencies without leaving a trace or paying third-party fees.

Planned New feature

Development SDK

Allows businesses, projects, and developers to integrate and build on top of the Particl protocol.

Development SDK allows to further decentralize the development process of the Particl ecosystem and gives businesses the necessary tools to easily integrate some of the components of the Particl network through APIs and developer tools. This is a critical part of making Particl a truly open financial system and will make it easier for projects to leverage some of Particl’s components.

Planned Improvement

Add “cash-out” functionality to the Exchange Module

Allows users to cash-out of PART right from the client by using the existing Exchange Module the other way around.

Sellers need to sell PART to pay for business expenses that cannot be paid (yet) using PART. These can include shipping, supply orders, packaging materials, rent, salaries, partners, etc. While it is possible to sell PART on exchanges, integrating that process into Particl Desktop will only make users’ life easier and more convenient.

Planned New feature

Market: Private auctions and other sales types

Provides the ability for sellers to list items under different listing types such as eBay-like auctions, wanted items, penny auctions, etc.

Auctions of physical or digital items is a big use-case for decentralized marketplaces. They are desirable for many types of products including NFTs, collectibles, art, etc. There is currently no decentralized marketplace offering auctions for physical items, yet Particl’s marketplace protocol already contains most of the code required to allow for it.

Planned New feature

Market: Invoices

Adds an invoicing system and/or order data export tool to give users more information about their sales and/or purchases made on Particl.

Invoices allow sellers to better report taxes, store sales/customer information, and track business flow. It also allows buyers to keep track of their purchases. While there is already a few information available for each order that’s initiated, this roadmap item seeks to give users better and more complete tools than what’s currently available.

Planned New feature

Market: Secure sales analytics

Analytics to be displayed on the seller’s overview or analytics tab. Gives more information about a seller’s entire set of activities on Particl’s marketplace.

Secure analytics allow sellers to get a better overview of their business and sales data and allows them to make better-informed decisions. Such data can be the number of total sales, number of sales per item, number of sales per category, timelines/charts, trends, etc. These pieces of data should be secure and only available at the client-level, and only to the seller itself.

Planned Improvement

Market: Escrow negotiation and resolutions

Lets users with funds locked into an escrow contract to be able to negociate its terms and modify them when both buyer and seller agree on a resolution. Includes partial refunds, reships, cancellation, etc.

Negotiating terms when there is a dispute is a valuable tool. Communications could come in the form of pre-defined messages and issued resolutions could include partial refunds, reships, or cancellation of the escrow entirely. There are many cases where escrow terms might need to be changed. It gives users more confidence in the whole process by making it more flexible.

Planned New feature

Market: Shipping management

Adds more shipping options for sellers to better price and localize shipments.

Sellers need more ways to separate their shipping options, especially when offering shipping through different carriers, to different countries, and when providing different shipping methods (express, priority, regular, next day, etc). A shipping management tool could also add the ability for buyers to combine shipping for multiple items sold by the same seller, although that will likely be implemented in phases at different points in time.

Planned New feature

Market: Display prices in other currencies

Allows buyers to display listing prices in alternative currencies other than PART (i.e. BTC, USD, EUR, etc).

Currently, prices are only displayable in PART which might not be friendly or familiar to a lot of people. This roadmap item allows users to select how they want to see listing prices.

Planned New feature

Market: Price pegging

Allows sellers to determine the price of an item based on other currencies (i.e. BTC, USD, EUR, etc).

Currently, listing prices can only be set in PART which might not be friendly or familiar to a lot of people. This roadmap item allows sellers to price their products in different currencies other than PART, for example in USD or BTC. The product payment still settles in PART, but the exact required number of PART coins for a particular order is calculated when the buyer first places his bid.

Planned New feature

Particl Desktop translations

Lets users change the language displayed on Particl Desktop (i.e. French, German, Dutch, etc).

More language support makes Particl’s marketplace more likely to be adopted by communities and groups who do not necessarily speak English fluently. Increases Particl’s potential reach with international communities and the “unbanked world”.

Planned New feature

Market: UPC import support

Allows sellers to enter EANs, UPCs, ISBNs or ASINs to import product data and classifications from standardized sources.

Better standardization of how sellers communicate vital information about their products. It allows buyers to easily see exactly what they're about to buy and make better-informed decision as UPC information can be cross-verified from multiple sources. It has become a standard feature in many traditional marketplaces and is a functionality that’s now generally expected by large-scale online sellers.

Planned Improvement

Market: Improved listing/delisting mechanism

Easier listing management by providing more options to sellers such as automatic relisting, delisting options, etc.

Manually relisting listings can be a tedious task, even with the Product Import feature. This roadmap item allows sellers to automate the relisting of listings so that they don’t have to manually log in every time they expire. It also introduces the ability for a seller to delete listings.

Planned New feature

Market: Shipping label printing

Integrated shipping label printing system.

Manually writing addresses is a time-consuming process, especially for large-scale vendors who process many orders a day. Having a way to automate the printing of shipping labels, from Particl Desktop or through an order exporting function, will save sellers a ton of time.

Planned Improvement

Export/import a marketplace account

Enables buyers and sellers alike to easily export their “account” information and import it into another client.

Sellers may want to be able to track sales, process orders, and do other eCommerce related actions while "on the go". They may also want to sell using multiple computers and instances of Particl Desktop. Easily exporting and importing accounts on different devices will provide that ability and allow them to be more efficient and quicker to act for their customers. That roadmap item also applies to “buyer accounts”.

Planned New feature

Market: Featured listing spots

Allows sellers to promote their listings, for a fee, and have them show up in “featured” listing spots.

Sellers may want to invest in their own business by giving their listings more exposure. It is the same mentality behind the concept of paying for advertisements. This new feature will allow sellers to do just that, for a fee.

Planned New feature

Market: Custom categories

Allows sellers to create categories for their market or storefront.

Some sellers may be selling items or services that don’t fit within any of the default marketplace categories. This roadmap item adds the ability to create new categories and integrate them into a seller’s market.

Planned New feature

Bot framework

Advanced SMSG bot functions and ability to integrate your own bot on Particl Desktop.

Particl Desktop currently has an SMSG bot browser, but its functions are purposely limited for its early version. This roadmap item extends its capabilities by allowing anyone to create and add their own bot to the browser. This item is expected to be closely associated with the SDK toolkit.

Planned New feature

Marketplace webhooks

Adds webhook functionality to the marketplace for better interactivity with third-party applications.

Webhooks are a user-defined HTTP callback that can trigger calls to an API when a certain event happens. This will allow the marketplace to interact more directly with third-party applications (i.e. when a seller receives a new bid, it could call a marketplace API to flash your living room lights, interact with other eCommerce system that you’re running to reserve the item, send a “new order” notification on Telegram or by email, and etc).

Planned New feature

Clean data

Adds a section where it is possible to delete data (personal and not).

Privacy feature. It is needed for people that wants to only keep some data on their computer. This will also be helpful to clean data for big sellers on marketplace.

Planned New feature

Messaging system

Allows users to communicate with each other.

Enables communication between users for various reasons whether it is marketplace-related or not. Communication methods will likely come in different forms and be implemented in phases at different points in time.

Planned Improvement

Market: Fiat payment options

Allows national currencies (i.e. USD, EUR, ZAR, etc) to be used to top up Particl accounts.

Users may want to use national currencies rather than cryptocurrencies to top up their Particl accounts. This roadmap item uses the same Exchange Module as the integration of Bitcoin payments on Particl Desktop, but instead connects to a fiat gateway. This is a major requirement for attracting mainstream users.

Planned New feature

Web/mobile gateway

Access Particl’s marketplace from the web or a mobile application.

Downloading a client may be fine for most Particl users and participants of niche industries, but it’s not a good user experience for people and businesses who use the more traditional online marketplaces to buy and sell online. Making a web/mobile gateway for Particl will dramatically and instantly extend Particl’s reach and potential user base.

Planned Improvement

Alternative DSN integration (i.e. IPFS)

Integrate other DSNs such as IPFS to offer options other than SMSG.

SMSG is very private and “scalable enough” for the short to mid-term, but it might reach scalability issues when massive numbers of users start using the marketplace. For this reason, the OMP Library, the underlying protocol of the marketplace, has been designed so that other DSNs can be integrated. The first implementation of an alternative DSN is expected to be the offloading of marketplace images on the IPFS network while SMSG would still be the underlying DSN that powers the marketplace.

Completed features

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Market: Q&A, Product Reviews Sep 23, 2019

A Particl Open Marketplace feature that allows any user to ask questions to sellers. It also allows buyers to leave feedback and reviews on purchases. This feature is included inside the listing pop-up windows and will help buyers make better informed purchases.

Market: Listing Imports Sep 23, 2019

A Particl Open Marketplace tool that allows sellers to easily import their inventory from outside sources. This tool enables the importing of listings via sources like WooCommerce, CSV files, spreadsheets, and etc. This helps with the on-boarding of sellers already selling online on other eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.

Particl Desktop Multi-wallets Aug 12, 2019

Multi-wallets will allow you to set up multiple wallets within the same Particl Desktop client, dramatically increasing your security, privacy, and usability by isolating your data and history used on different profiles. Multi-wallet support was added in Particl Core v0.15.0.2.

Particl Marketplace Release Aug 12, 2019

The Particl Open Marketplace has been released on mainnet! The first live version includes full anon privacy (RingCT & CT powered marketplace transactions enabled by default), multi-wallets, and community proposals. It also includes the OMP Library that makes the back-end much stronger and ready to integrate more advanced features.

RingCT Hardfork Jul 16, 2019

Particl’s Bitcoin-based implementation of the RingCT privacy protocol has been on testnet since Particl’s inception but is planned on being moved over to mainnet soon in combination with the Marketplace Governance mechanism. Particl’s own custom implementation of RingCT has been properly audited by WSA and academically reviewed by the NJIT Department of Technology and no major issue was found by neither inspections.

Bulletproofs: Making Privacy Transactions Scalable Jul 16, 2019

Bulletproofs are short non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs that require no trusted setup. They are designed to enable efficient Confidential Transactions (CT), and thus RingCT, effectively reducing their transaction size by about ~80%. We estimate the research, development, implementation, and testing to take around 3 to 4 months as a part-time assignment for Tecnovert, our Lead Core Developer & Cryptographer.

RingCT Code Audit Jul 5, 2019

The MLSAG and Bulletproofs parts of Particl’s custom implementation of RingCT have been successfully audited by the renowned QuarksLab security firm. The report came back perfect, with no vulnerability or weakness identified in the code. This was the catalyst for RingCT’s move onto mainnet a few days later.

Copay Cold Staking May 9, 2019

Particl Copay is a secure but simple wallet made for desktop and mobile OS. We plan on integrating cold staking into it, thus allowing users to add multi-signature security parameters to their cold staking or hardware cold staking setup.

Market Listing Governance

The Marketplace Governance system will allow users to self-moderate the content listed on Particl Marketplace. This system is entirely controlled by the community and no Particl team member or staff has any authority over the content of the marketplace.

iOS Copay mobile wallet Jan 24, 2019

Particl’s mobile wallet, Particl Copay, is currently only available for Android devices as well as desktops. We plan on releasing an iOS version for it to be published on Apple’s App Store.


Ledger Wallet Integration Aug 7, 2018

Initial support for the Ledger Hardware Wallet is here!
This has not yet been extended to blind or anon transactions and therefore currently cannot be used exclusively for all functions of the wallet. Support will continue to be extended in future versions.

RingCT – Academic Review Jul, 2018

NJIT researchers are 5 months into review and will provide the foundation with a report after 6 months on the privacy, cryptography and security recommendations for Particl’s RingCT implementation on the latest Bitcoin codebase.

Particl Marketplace (alpha) May 31, 2018

ALPHA is the long-awaited decentralized marketplace dApp within Particl Desktop. The Market alpha release of the marketplace will be barebones to start as users begin to test and progress through the buying/selling process.

Support for Hardware Signing Devices Mar 20, 2018

Particl Core 0.16 introduces generic support for Hardware Signing Devices to provide key-signing capabilities.

Stealth Addresses v2 Mar 20, 2018

In order to facilitate deterministic generation of stealth addresses between Particl Core and Signing Devices the method used to generate these addresses had to be changed.


Quantum-resistant Cold Staking Nov 11, 2017

1st true cold staking PoS protocol implemented. Enhances privacy for stakers, staking becomes quantum-resistant.

Atomic Swaps Sep 24, 2017

Particl integrates and enables atomic swaps with other supported blockchains.

Blockchain genesis, SegWit, CT Jul 17, 2017

Particl blockchain launched as pure PoS (no PoW period or pre-mine) with native Segwit support, Confidential Transactions (CT) and decentralized voting. Particl Core (Qt wallet) released.

Non-profit Foundation Jul 4, 2017

Particl Stiftung, a Swiss non-profit foundation, is created and registered to support the project financially, legally and strategically.

Marketplace Whitepaper Mar 22, 2017

The first draft of the Particl Marketplace whitepaper is released.

Particl Desktop

Particl Desktop is a modern, intuitive, and user-friendly desktop application. Make untraceable payments, buy or sell products and services online using the Open Marketplace, participate in community decisions, or start staking your funds. Particl Desktop is your point-of-access into the Particl ecosystem.