Particl Project
Status Report

Updated 6 July 2018

What are we busy with

  • Particl Marketplace
    • Voting – Consensus on the removal of products
    • Creating proposals and voting on proposals
    • Trigger notifications for orders changes
    • Adding a location selector
    • Advanced sort and filter option
    • Expiry times on listings
    • Code refactoring
  • Better error handling on Daemon and Market startup

Waiting for review

  • Country filter drop down
  • Particl Desktop Mainnet update
    • Cold staking widget issue
    • User Interface Updates
    • Modal refactoring

Wrapped up

  • Particl Core
  • Particl Market Place – Alpha issues
    • Fixing bugs identified by users
    • Refactoring modals
    • Shipping profile improvements
    • Enhanced test suites
    • Improving error handling
    • Progress bar for daemon
    • Image resizing to allow for larger images
    • Added a debugging console for Market services
    • Auto update of order services

What's on the Horizon

  • Particl Marketplace – Beta Release
    • Features to be included:
      • Multi-Wallets
      • Starting the desktop without the marketplace
      • Private listings
      • Private Markets
      • Escrow enhancements
      • Deposit Negotiations
      • Marketplace versioning for messages and listings
      • Settings page
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

Particl Desktop

Particl Desktop is our flagship product and is the best application to begin using PART. All available and in-development features are bundled in Desktop.

Download Particl Desktop
Intro Macbook