Particl Project
Status Report

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Updated 14 September 2018

Recently completed

  • Particl Desktop (v1.2.3, mainnet)
    • Time offset warning icon
    • User Interface updates
    • Stability Improvements
    • Transaction handling refactored
    • Running on Particl Core
  • Particl Marketplace (alpha, testnet)
    • Receiving notification when a new proposal has been submitted
    • Bug fixes and UI improvements
    • Automatic splitting of outputs
    • Design and layout for staking pool statistics

Waiting for review

  • Particl Marketplace (alpha, testnet)
    • Finalising voting and Proposals (Governance 1.0)
      • Consensus on the removal of products - Market governance
    • Settings API for Marketplace
    • Automated testing - Integration testing
    • Development items on the settings page
      • Main (General, Transactions, Privacy and Window Behaviour)
      • dApps (Marketplace)
      • Display (Navigation and Notifications)
  • Third-party integrations
    • Ledger integration

In development

  • Particl Marketplace (alpha, testnet)
    • Code refactoring
    • Proposals to be time based instead of block based
    • Multi-Wallet implementation
    • Escrow process refactor and enhancements
    • Updating testing documentation
    • Staking pool statistics
    • Expiry times on listings
    • Automated Testing
      • End to End testing
      • Unit Testing
      • Regression Testing
    • Settings page
      • Core Settings
      • Marketplace Settings
      • GUI Settings
    • Message processing improvements
      • Removing action messages
      • Reprocess failed messages
  • RingCT Implementation
  • Third Party Integration
    • Trezor integration
  • Particl Core
    • Particl Core

Upcoming features

  • Particl Marketplace (beta)
    • Private listings
    • Private Markets
    • Deposit Negotiations
    • Marketplace versioning for messages and listings
    • Inventory Management
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

Particl Desktop

Particl Desktop is our flagship product and is the best application to begin using PART. All available and in-development features are bundled in Desktop.

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