Particl Project
Status Report

For general overview of Particl Project's goals visit Project Roadmap

Updated 3 January 2020

Recently completed

  • Particl Marketplace
    • Prevent Deletion of expired listings in cart
  • Particl Desktop
    • Startup and Shutdown updates
    • Bug fixes
      • Removed the initial lengthy delay in displaying cart items
      • Newly created wallets are switched to correctly after creation
      • Testnet and mainnet versions of the application are now properly separated
      • A single state application instance has been introduced
      • Resolved bug where on large numbers of not all imports were uploading
      • Rounding issue from CSV to JSON bug
      • Clear warning when importing and there is not enough funds
      • Status messages on startup and switching between wallets for better startup status tracking
      • Closing modal during shutdown
      • Fixed the regression with Particl Core cookie files
  • Particl Copay
    • Updated with latest unified repository changes

Waiting for review

  • Particl Marketplace
    • Market Management
      • Seller should be a separate element in the posted ListingItem
      • Use correct Identity.address when sending ActionMessages
      • Use separate pub/sub keys
      • Create Wallets/Identities as needed
      • Command/service layer - Add Identity as part of the ActionRequest overriding/setting the active wallet for CoreRpcService
      • Market types - Open market/storefront support
      • Profile and Market add/remove - Identity support
      • Market default command - Set the default Market for Profile

In development

  • Particl Marketplace
    • Market Management
      • Blacklisting of Market Public keys
      • Market flag command
  • Particl Desktop
    • Bug Fixes
    • Market Management
      • Implement ZMQ configuration for daemon startup
      • Implement an application state store
      • Update the loading screen to occur only on application launch
  • Particl Copay
    • Error with installing latest bitcore wallet client
    • End to end testing

Upcoming features

  • Particl Marketplace
    • Quantity Management
  • Particl Desktop
    • Market Management

Particl Desktop

Particl Desktop is a modern, intuitive, and user-friendly desktop application. Make untraceable payments, buy or sell products and services online using the Open Marketplace, participate in community decisions, or start staking your funds. Particl Desktop is your point-of-access into the Particl ecosystem.