Particl Project
Status Report

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Updated 27 September 2019

Recently completed

  • Particl Marketplace
    • The API has been updated with additional commands (accessible via the command console in the desktop application)
    • Listings with their images are now properly removed from the marketplace
    • Bug fixes
  • Particl Desktop
    • UI
      • An Open Marketplace enabled wallet now displays a shopping cart icon in multiwallet sidebar
      • Layouts for the add Listing page, as well as the details information in the listing details window, have been updated
      • Improvement made to the text to indicate when no listings are available
      • Testnet wallets (when running on mainnet) are now no longer displayed on the wallet selection sidebar
      • Added the ability to select how long the wallet should be unlocked for
    • Listings
      • The refresh button on the listings page now indicates that new listings have arrived
      • Inclusion of the first iteration of the Public Comments (Q&A)
      • Product import functionality has been added
    • Buy flow
      • Allow for a pre-defined reason to be selected when a bid request is being rejected
    • Orders
      • The order ID value, is now available for each order item
    • Terms and Conditions have been updated
    • Bug fixes
  • Particl Core

Waiting for review

  • Particl Desktop
    • Enabling a user to cancel a bid

In development

  • Particl Marketplace
    • Market Management
  • Particl Desktop
    • Settings
    • Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Particl Copay
    • Maintenance

Upcoming features

  • Particl Marketplace
    • Quantity Management

Particl Desktop

Particl Desktop is a modern, intuitive, and user-friendly desktop application. Make untraceable payments, buy or sell products and services online using the Open Marketplace, participate in community decisions, or start staking your funds. Particl Desktop is your point-of-access into the Particl ecosystem.