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Particl's RingCT & Bulletproofs going live (hardfork) in Hardfork time: 2019-07-16 12:00:00 UTC | Upgrade to Desktop 1.4.0+ and/or Core!

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5 Jul 2019
Particl MLSAG + Bulletproofs

Security Audit Results

27 Jun 2019
Hardfork Announcement: RingCT, Bulletproofs Ready For PART

July 16th is our second planned hardfork of 2019

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The Case for Privacy

Over the last 25 years, the internet has shown us that the mishandling and abuse of personal data by third-parties is the biggest cyber security threat there is and that not sharing your data in the first place is the only way to truly secure it. Everyday, data breaches and hacks occur which threaten the safety, funds, reputation and identities of millions of internet users across the world. It’s time for change!

At Particl, we’re building a brand new decentralized and democratic economy supported by the Particl blockchain; a very secure and privacy-focused network where applications of all sorts can be built and operated without any middleman. Particl aims at offering the same range of services currently available on the web but with security, privacy, and most importantly, near-zero fees in mind.

We believe a more efficient economy can be built without middlemen

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The Currency

The swiss-army knife of cryptocurrencies

PART is the multi-purpose currency at the very center of the Particl economy which acts as its fuel. It’s a privacy coin, a voting ticket, a moderation token, a source of passive income, and much more. In fact, the unlimited possibilities enabled by Particl’s decentralized applications makes the PART coin what you want it to be. Users can also put up their coins for staking using Particl Proof-of-Stake, the world’s most secure Proof-of-Stake protocol, and earn a minimum yearly staking interest of 4%.

PART specifications & features

Disruptive E-commerce

World's Most Private & Secure Marketplace

Particl’s decentralized marketplace is a disrupting platform that uses the latest and most secure blockchain technologies to put both vendors and buyers directly in contact at virtually no cost for neither party. This new way of doing eCommerce ensures vendors, not the eCommerce platform, get all the benefits and profits from their sales, in turn allowing them to lower their prices for their customers and gain a competitive edge. The Particl Marketplace protocol also makes any kind of data leak impossible by design and keeps transacting information and identities only accessible to the actual parties involved.

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The Platform

Decentralized Applications Made Easy

Particl allows developers to easily build decentralized applications which possess the highest smart-contract security and privacy standards in the industry. These applications can then directly be integrated onto Particl Desktop, a very user-friendly portal to the Particl ecosystem, ensuring their accessibility and ease-of-use for all types of users. Why should decentralized applications be any more complicated to use than any other regular application?

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Particl Desktop

Particl Desktop is the best and easiest way to access the Particl ecosystem. Just like an operating system, it acts as a host for its decentralized applications, wallet, and marketplace.

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PART is Particl’s native privacy coin and may be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges with fiat or other cryptocurrencies.


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