An open source, decentralized privacy platform

built for global person to person eCommerce.

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Particl is an open source, decentralized privacy platform built for global person to person and business to person eCommerce. The native marketplace, currency tokens and suite of encrypted communication tools offer unfettered access between buyers and sellers worldwide or just down the street.


Particl will be an attractive option for anyone who buys or sells anything online.


You can buy or sell anything, similar to eBay, Etsy or Amazon, except that all the transaction data, payments and conversations happen over a self-governed, distributed network instead of a central server. Think of it as going to a local market to buy something you need, from the person who is actually selling it, without a third person as an intermediary.



Bitcoin Core .13.2 Feature list

  • Signature validation and signing using libsecp256k1
  • Watch-only wallet support
  • Wallet: Pruning
  • Privacy: Disable wallet transaction broadcast
  • Privacy: Stream isolation for Tor
  • Privacy: Automatically use Tor hidden services
  • Direct headers announcement (BIP 130)
  • Notifications through ZMQ
  • Compact Block support (BIP 152)
  • Linux ARM builds
  • Segregated Witness


Inherited from ShadowCash Core

  • P2P Messaging platform
  • Encrypted Messages
  • Ring Signatures
  • Hierarchical Deterministic Key Generation (BIP32, 39 and 44)
  • Stealth Address
  • Dual Token System


Technology Advancements for Particl Core

  • Upgrade of Market Minimum Viable Product (CLI --> GUI)
  • Data Storage Networks (DSN)
  • Confidential Transactions
  • Lightning Network Readiness


Building protection into a decentralized network to ensure the market does not become overrun with illicit and dangerous products and services.

  • Examples of self-governance being researched
  • Market Reputation
  • Not linked to ID
  • Ability to de-list immediately
  • Key Words Banning
  • Blacklist
  • Voting filter
  • Default Categories




  • Umbra prototype - Marketplace Minimum Viable Product (cli)
  • Consultation summit meeting in Hong Kong
  • Hiring of Swiss blockchain legal council
  • Team restructure & hiring of full-time developers
  • Onboarding of advisors & consultants for technical and marketing aspects
  • Particl Roadmap for 2017
  • Particl branding, marketing, social media
  • Hiring of professional PR Firm


  • Bitcoin Core .14 code review
  • Technology advancements (R&D)
  • Swiss foundation filing
  • Particl Foundation website
  • Professional PR campaign
  • Engineering of decentralized self-governance model
  • Particl Marketplace whitepaper
  • Particl token exchange & seed funding
  • Sponsorship of 8-part video series on Privacy Coins


  • Particl Blockchain genesis block
  • Alpha testing (test-net) of Particl marketplace
  • Public Beta release of marketplace
  • Completion of The Particl Foundation a non-profit Swiss Foundation
  • Open grant with a university research department
  • Third-party code audit
  • Large scale PR Campaign
  • Primary funding round



Will Particl be easy to use for the "non-techie" person?

Absolutely! If you know how to do basic tasks like write text, take pictures, send email then you'll be very comfortable using Particl. We keep all the geeky, complicated stuff in the background and the easy to understand interface out front.

What is PART?

PART is the native 2-token currency in Particl. Users have a choice when sending money on the distributed ledger. Pseudo-anonymous transactions use a public token and truly-anonymous transactions use a private token.

Will multiple currencies be supported on Particl?

Particl will be currency agnostic, meaning it will support the use of many cryptocurrencies with the intent of being an inclusive platform. The exchange mechanism incorporated into the platform will allow for the seamless transition to and from PART.

Won't offering competing currencies lessen the value of PART?

A decentralized privacy platform focused on free markets cannot be limited by its own built-in token system. Our goal is to lower barriers of entry and reduce friction in online shopping, allowing for easier adoption by buyers and vendors anywhere in the world. The Particl platform benefits directly from the growth and adoption of other token projects.

Do I even need PART to use Particl?

Yes, fees on Particl are passed on to stakers for maintaining the network. PART also provides near-instant transactions on the blockchain without 3rd-party encumbrance. In essence you get royalties from holding and staking the PART token.

What is Particl doing to minimize the buying and selling of nefarious goods?

The very nature of a free-market built on a distributed network immediately brings up the question of governance. To get right to the point, Particl is being built with protection to ensure the market does not become an ultimate version of silk road. Our main focus is researching self-governance models that can be adapted to a decentralized network. The self-governance model for Particl will have two components to it: Platform Governance. Protection against internationally deemed illegal goods. "How do we protect the platform?" Privacy Governance. Providing user privacy. "How do we protect the users?" Particl has multiple hard-coded blockades developed for self-governance but leaves the door open for research into better solutions in the future. Examples of current governance features we're exploring: Market Reputation Not linked to ID Ability to de-list immediately Key Words Banning Blacklist Voting filter Default Categories

Will there be a foundation established to help foster the development of the project?

Yes. The Particl team and advisors are currently filing the necessary paperwork, with the assistance of a Swiss-based law firm, to establish a non-profit foundation domiciled in Switzerland.

What is the purpose of the foundation?

The foundation and its board will strictly function as an entity with the mission of providing funding and support for the Particl ecosystem, the continued development of the Particl network and academic, non-profit & for-profit development of enhancements for the Particl platform and privacy domain. The foundation will not govern nor make choices for the network itself, as the network will be governed in a decentralized manner by the native voting system directed by the network token holders themselves.

What technology is Particl built with?

Particl is based on the latest and market-leading Bitcoin codebase. We are currently adding the privacy functionality from ShadowCash onto the Bitcoin Core 13.2 codebase along with Particl only features.

Will Particl be open source?

Is there any other way?! Code will be publicly available for review after the beta public release.



Will there be a token exchange for PART?

A seed round is scheduled to start March 18th, 2017 and last 4 weeks. During this time existing ShadowCash token holders can exchange SDC for PART. Investors have a choice of either swapping tokens 1:1 or including BTC in exchange for bonus 15% more PART.

How is the token exchange structured?

Particl token exchange is structured in a unique manner compared to most cryptocurrency fund raises for two reasons:

  1. consideration of the ShadowCash community and token holders.
  2. consideration of laws and regulations to ensure the donation seed round would not fall under the classification of a sale of securities, as the Particl token functions simply as fuel for the Particl network.

To participate in the Particl token exchange, you must have ShadowCash (SDC) tokens. Participants will have two contribution choices and a variable rate added to the bonus after day 5:

  • Days 1-5:
    • Donate 1 ShadowCash (SDC) + $0.15 (BTC) = 1.15 Particl (PART)
    • Donate 1 ShadowCash (SDC) = 1.00 Particl (PART)
  • Days 6-28:
    • Donate 1 ShadowCash (SDC) + [variable market-based function] (BTC) = 1.15 Particl (PART)
    • Donate 1 ShadowCash (SDC) = 1.00 Particl (PART)
Will the token exchange be capped?

Yes, technically it is necessary to submit SDC tokens in order to receive PART tokens. Once (or if) all SDC tokens are converted into PART the exchange will be complete. At the end of the 4 week period, no more exchanges will be allowed.

Why is the token exchange structured like it is?

First, it ensures the ShadowCash community and token holders are given credit for their support and commitment over the years. Their dedication and support has helped lay the technological groundwork for Particl and the upcoming Particl Market. Second, it ensures that the distribution of Particl tokens is considered fair and reasonable and prevents single large investors from entering and monopolizing the seed round.

Why do you need to raise funds?

Particl is seeking early-stage contributors to move our distributed market ecosystem from a minimal viable product into a commercial development phase for mainstream applications. The raised funds will help to pay for professional full-time development of the network, research, legal fees, PR & marketing costs, and more for the next 9 months.

Will there be any other funding rounds after this one?

Yes. When we create the genesis block for Particl the designated amount of tokens (per this seed round exchange) will be generated. Additionally, a second batch of tokens will be hard-coded for release at a publicly pre-determined block height approximately 9-10 months out from the genesis block. This funding round will not take place until after the public beta launch of the Particl Market and the establishment of the Particl Foundation. This allotment of tokens will represent a 15% increase in supply and will be made available through the Primary Funding Round at a designated date in the future.

What is the total available supply of PART Tokens upon creation of the genesis block?

PART token supply will be the current SDC supply + 15%, or approximately 7,640,000 PART. PART will also be created for each block as a reward to the stakers. Annual coin supply increase is planned for 2%.

What will happen to any unclaimed PART tokens?

At the end of the 4-week exchange period, the team will announce the total number of SDC exchanged 1:1 for PART and the total number of SDC exchanged 1:1.15 for PART. The remaining PART not claimed will be split 80/20 with 80% going to the seed round participants and 20% donated to the foundation to be used for the continued development of the Particl Project.

How is the 80% community distribution determined for the unclaimed PART tokens?

It will be proportionally divided based on the total amount of PART you own.

How do I exchange SDC for PART?

Can you walk me through the process, start to finish?

  1. Click CREATE ACCOUNT on to go to registration page.
  2. On the REGISTER page, fill out your username, email (optional), and password. If you choose not to include your email, understand that you CANNOT recover the account if you lose you username or password! Make sure you read the terms and conditions, and then click "Register."
  3. Once registered, you'll be prompted to log in to your newly created account. If you included an email address with your account, you will need to confirm the link in the email sent to you. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder!
  4. Upon log-in you'll see a message "you have not enabled 2FA! Click here for 2FA Setup." -- we recommend all users enable 2-Factor Authentication. If you do not have the app, you can download 'Authy' from the app store and set it up on your phone. This is HIGHLY recommended, as it adds an additional layer of security on your account.
  5. On the Particl Funding Dashboard you can generate a new ShadowCash (SDC) address and a new Bitcoin address.
  6. For every 1 SDC you donate you will receive credit for 1 Particl. For the first 5 days, if you choose to additionally donate $0.15 worth of Bitcoin, within 24 hours of sending the SDC, you will receive 15% bonus credit in Particl. After the 5 day bonus period ends, the exchange mechanism for the bonus cost will change to a variable market-based function.
  7. Once you have submitted the total amount of SDC (and bitcoin, if you so choose) you wish to donate, your exchange is complete!
  8. The exchange period will last a total of 4 weeks, ending on April 15th, at which time it will come to a close and no more exchanges are allowed. The team expects to launch the Particl blockchain approximately 4-6 weeks after the end of the Particl Exchange.
  9. Once the Particl blockchain is launched, users will be able to send their Particl tokens from their Token Exchange user dashboard to their Particl wallet.
  10. The new Particl wallet will be made publicly available for users upon the launch of the Particl blockchain.
How is the variable market-based function calculated?

The formula is SDC Market Price -11% starting Day 6*. Every 2 days the % goes down by 1. For example: Day 6 the variable market-based function is SDC -11%. On Day 18 the variable market-based function would be SDC -5%. By day 28 the variable market-based function is SDC-0% or 1:1. *Minimum value is $.24 day 6 and it goes up by $.01 every 2 days.



Ryno Mathee

Lead & Core Developer

Paul Schmitzer


Gerlof van Ek

Developer, Branding & Graphics, UI/UX


Research & Development

Henk Swardt

Project Manager

Juha Kovanen


Martin Allien

Front-end Developer

Nick Sy


Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini



Core Developer, Cryptographic Researcher

Ido Kaiser

Developer & Software Architect

Quentin de Beauchesne

General Relations

Charles Arcanum

PR / Writing



Micah Spruill

Business & Finance - Managing Partner, Aurora Investment Advisors

Yann Allemann

Business & PR, - Engineer, Ferrari A.G.

Joe Fisher

Private label online seller, Product Developer