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After 2 years in development.. it's time!
Particl Desktop 2.0 release with alpha Open Marketplace UI on mainnet!

Securely and privately transact, end-to-end, in an open financial system with Particl’s decentralized and privacy-focused ecosystem and digital currency.

Untraceable currency

The swiss-army knife of cryptocurrencies

PART is a multi-purpose digital currency. It’s a next-generation privacy coin that hides the transacting amounts and participants, a voting ticket, a moderation token, a source of passive income, and much more.

It is at the heart of the Particl ecosystem and acts as the fuel that makes the platform run.

PART specifications & features
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Decentralized Marketplace

Disruptive data-free and near-zero cost ecommerce

The Particl Open Marketplace leverages the latest peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies to allow you to buy and sell products and services at almost zero network fee and in a way that doesn’t generate or collect any of your personal information and data.

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Private Dapps

Privacy-focused decentralized applications on the Bitcoin codebase

Particl leverages the Bitcoin codebase as well as several audited privacy protocols to offer a flexible but secure environment for developers to easily build decentralized applications that redefine the blockchain industry’s security and privacy standards.

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Under the hood

Our Partners

Arcadia Group

Particl Desktop

Particl Desktop is a modern, intuitive, and user-friendly desktop application. Make untraceable payments, buy or sell products and services online using the Open Marketplace, participate in community decisions, or start staking your funds. Particl Desktop is your point-of-access into the Particl ecosystem.


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Check the development progress of Particl and see what’s coming up next

Status Report

Check the development progress of Particl and see what’s coming up next

Status Report


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