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Particl is privacy & security on the blockchain – featuring private currency, framework for apps, messaging & self-governance for disrupting ecommerce

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Confidential Transactions

Confidential Transactions

Particl is the first DAPP built on Bitcoin with Confidential Transactions

Confidential Transaction keeps the amounts transferred visible only to participants in the transaction (and those they designate), while still guaranteeing that no more coins can be spent than are available in a cryptographic way.
Find out more about Confidential Transactions at The Elements Project

Passive Income

Can you earn money from eBay or Amazon by just having your computer on?

Particl offers stakeholders the opportunity to earn income even if they don't buy or sell anything on the Market. Our network is secured by Proof of Stake, which means by running Particl and staking your coins, you work for the network and the reward for that work is PART tokens. As the popularity of the Particl platform and the Market specifically increases, the rewards to work for the network will also increase. Annual inflation of PART tokens is 5% the first year and drops 1% each year until year 4 where it levels out at 2%.

Passive Income
End-to-End Encrypted Chat

End-to-End Encrypted Chat

Particl's private communication tools provide direct messages and group chats

All encryption is done on the client side, similar to Signal or Whatsapp, and stored within the DSN. Messages are off-chain as to not bog down the network with micro-transactions and to facilitate immediate input/output. DSN stands for Data Storage Network. Section V.A of our whitepaper explains our current research into DSNs and how they'll be used for storage of communication and market listings.

Particl is a privacy platform by design

The native marketplace, currency tokens and suite of encrypted communication tools offer unfettered access between buyers and sellers worldwide or just down the street.

Our privacy tools allow two parties to interact in complete anonymity without the need for any 3rd parties.

Particl is a privacy platform by design
Particl Market

Particl Market

Buy, Sell and Earn in complete confidentiality anywhere in the world.

Particl Market will be an attractive option for anyone who buys or sells anything online. You can buy or sell anything, similar to eBay, Etsy or Amazon, except that all the transaction data, payments and conversations happen over a self-governed, distributed network instead of a central server. Think of it as going to a local market to buy something you need, from the person who is actually selling it, without a third person as an intermediary.

Voting Governance

Particl comes with built-in decentralized voting to give stakeholders ultimate control of the network.

The very nature of a free-market built on a distributed network immediately brings up the question of governance. To get right to the point, Particl has protection to ensure the market does not become an ultimate version of Silk Road. Our main focus is researching self-governance models that can be adapted to a decentralized network.

The self-governance model for Particl will have two components to it:

  • Platform Governance. Protection against illegal goods. "How do we protect the platform?"
  • Privacy Governance. Providing user privacy. "How do we protect the users?"

2-Party Trustless Escrow

The combination of features allows two untrusted parties to interact in complete anonymity without the need for any 3rd party.

The Mexican standoff! We put two untrusted parties into Nash Equilibrium through a military strategy known as MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) so that neither party has anything to gain by scamming one another.

Section IV.c of our whitepaper explains the "insurance deposits" concept that make this possible. Insurance deposits are set by the seller and can range from 0—100% of the value of the item being sold.

Crypto Friendly

Particl is currency agnostic, meaning it will support the use of many cryptocurrencies with the intent of being an inclusive platform.

A decentralized privacy platform focused on free markets cannot be limited by its own built-in token system. Our goal is to lower barriers of entry and reduce friction in online shopping, allowing for easier adoption by buyers and vendors anywhere in the world.

Our definition of "crypto-friendly" is improving the use-case for all crypto-currency tokens, providing increased liquidity and value across the sector.

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Meet the Team

The Particl Team

  • Ryno Mathee

    Ryno Mathee

    Lead & Core Developer
  • Gerlof van Ek

    Gerlof van Ek

    Developer, Branding & Graphics, UI/UX
  • Shazzy


    Research & Development
  • Paul Schmitzer

    Paul Schmitzer

  • Henk Swardt

    Henk Swardt

    Project Manager, PMP, CSM
  • Nick Sy

    Nick Sy

  • Martin Allien

    Martin Allien

    Front-end Developer
  • Ludx

    Juha Kovanen

  • pciavald

    Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini

  • EagleEye25

    Jason Eybers

  • Lachlan Kang

    Lachlan Kang

  • Tecnovert


    Core Developer & Cryptographic Researcher
  • Imran


    Commercial & Partner Strategy
  • Ido Kaiser

    Ido Kaiser

    Developer & Software Architect
  • anandsinghparihar

    Kirti Anand Singh

  • vikas-cis


  • Navjot G

    Navjot G

  • Suyash Nikte

    Suyash Nikte


Particl Advisors

  • Charlie Shrem

    Charlie Shrem

    Strategic Advisor & Mentor – Founder, CryptoIQ
  • Micah Spruill

    Micah Spruill

    Business & Finance – Managing Partner, Aurora Investment Advisors
  • Miguel Cuneta

    Miguel Cuneta

    Crypto Ecosystem & Adoption – Co-Founder and CCO at Satoshi Citadel Industries
  • John Bailon

    John Bailon

    Crypto Ecosystem & Adoption – Co-Founder and CEO at Satoshi Citadel Industries
  • Yann Alleman

    Yann Alleman

    Business & PR – Engineer, Ferrari A.G.
  • Svojoe

    Joe Fisher

    E-Commerce Strategy – Private label online seller, Product Developer
  • Arcanum


    Business Relations
  • MME


    Legal and Compliance

Community Team

Our community has some heavy contributors. At the time of writing more than 10 people do contribute and add value to the Particl Project on a regularly basis in multiple disciplines. This number is steadily growing and the official Particl Team is honored and thankful to have their passion, vision and skills on their side.

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PART Token

PART is the native token on the Particl platform

  • Initial Distribution: 8,634,140 PART
  • Network: Proof of Stake
  • Block time: 120 seconds
  • Buy PART
    PART-BTC: Bittrex Exchange
  • Inflation via Staking Reward
    • 1st year – 5%
    • 2nd year – 4%
    • 3rd year – 3%
    • >4th year – 2%