So you’re selling online?

Work for yourself, not for them.

Today's online marketplaces thrive by leeching on your success; they've got you working for them!

Take full control of your business and start working for yourself, not for them, by cutting off the middleman.

Believe it or not, e-commerce giants want what's best for them, not for you.

They charge you to do their homework
They track you and collect your sales data to get more insight on the market at no cost for them. Then, they use their findings to launch copycats of trending products and sub-brands that compete with you. And to gain more market dominance, they derank you in the search results at the same time. Not cool.
They decide what you're allowed to sell
They have full control over what you can and can't sell based on their corporate interests. Their quest for market dominance locks you out of a ton of valuable opportunities, limits the number of customers you gain, and impedes on your ability to grow naturally. You deserve to be in control of your own business.
They rule against you most of the time
If you sell online, then you know how rarely online marketplaces rule in your favour when it comes to dispute resolutions. The buyers are the ones bringing them money, and so they want their repeat business. That’s why they give them the best treatment possible; sellers usually simply follow along.
You pay them too much
E-commerce businesses are controlled by corporate interests hungry for revenue and market dominance. That's why they keep on, year after year, raising their fees and commissions. You end up paying them a huge cut of every sale you make just for their permission to sell.

Enough is enough!

Stop working for them and start doing what's best for you and your business; cut off the middleman!

Put an end to the reckless mining of your data.
Protect your privacy and your information.
Stop paying to do their market research that they use to hurt your business.
Restore the balance of power between you and the buyer when resolving disputes.
Tear down artificial and arbitrary restrictions.
Gain access to previously unreachable customers and discover new opportunities.
Fight back against censorship, prejudice, and bias.

Safely sell anything on a decentralized and private marketplace that has no restrictions.

Desktop Screenshot Seller

I'm in! Let's get started now!

No intermediary cuts on your sales
Only pay the bare minimum that is required for the marketplace to operate and avoid the exhorbitant fees charged by centralized marketplaces and their rent-seeking behaviors.
Earn fees with a market that you own
Since you and the rest of the community own Particl Marketplace, anytime an item is listed for sale, its listing fees are proportionally redistributed back to the users of the network.
And more...
  • Always get your payment in time, no chargeback.
  • Plug-and-play and maintenance free platform.
  • Fraud and scam attempts on you will fail.
  • No registration, subscription or sales fees.
  • Bring your operating costs to the minimum

Getting Started with Particl Marketplace

Step 1
Get familiar
Particl Marketplace is different than what you usually use. Make your first few steps by getting more familiar with it and learning the basics.
Particl Academy
Step 2
Get Particl Desktop
Particl Marketplace is available on all major operating systems and devices.
Download now
Step 3
Get PART coins
You'll need PART to pay for listing fees. There are several ways you can buy some on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Particl Exchanges
Step 4
Start selling
List items for sale, create new marketplaces, trade directly with people all around the world, and grow your business by joining a true free market economy.

Say hello to the world’s only true free market economy.
A world full of opportunities awaits you!

Looking for a deeper dive?

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