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About Marketplace

About Particl Marketplace

Over the last decade, a few monopolistic organizations have gained complete control over the world of e-commerce. They did it by collecting, storing, using, and sharing your personal information as much as possible. At the same time, hackers and all sorts of crooks work tirelessly on stealing that data for nefarious purposes, exposing you to even more risks.

To make things worse, tech giants keep on adding, day after day, more restrictions and fees to their platforms to consolidate their position of power and gain even more control. As you can guess, this locks you out of valuable opportunities and significantly hinders your growth.
Enough is enough!
Break free and start doing what's best for you by cutting off the middleman with Particl Marketplace; a decentralized and private marketplace without any intermediary or restriction. Here, you can directly buy and sell anything you want from other people without any third-party taking part in the process. It’s safe, private, and free to use.
Stand up for your rights and help others around you by directly supporting them, not greedy corporations. You will love everything you gain by becoming a part of a real free market economy, and you’ll contribute to the success of others at the same time! It's a win-win situation for everyone!
Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.
- Albert Einstein

A marketplace that respects your rights and freedoms.

No middleman
Be in complete control and get more for your money by trading directly with others. Shop online, make payments, and conduct business with nobody else in between. It's just you, and the other person you're trading with.
More money in your pockets
Keep your money for what really matters in your life. Trade directly with others and avoid any third-party costs like sales fees, subscription plans, or commissions. It's the most affordable way to buy and sell online.
Private all the way
What you buy or sell online is your business and yours only. All your transactions, identity, shopping habits, activity, and history remain perfectly private at all times and never leave your device.
No data, no problem!
Protect your personal information by using an online marketplace that simply doesn't generate any data about you in the first place. There's no login, no sign-up, no tracking and no data mining. You become completely immune to data leaks, theft, and misuse.
Innovative trade protection
Keep your mind at peace when trading with strangers by forcing them to keep their end of any deal. Particl's unique two-party escrow system is a new, modern type of online escrow that's private, free to use, and doesn't require any third-party to get involved.
Absolute freedom
Gain an unrestricted access into the global free market and beat online censorship with an e-commerce solution that is decentralized and permissionless. There's no corporate interests, hidden agendas, or unfair rules here, just pure freedom and equal opportunities for all!
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Owned and controlled by you
Particl is not owned, moderated, or controlled by us or any other organization. It's a democratic platform governed by a decentralized network of users spread all around the world. You, along with all the other users of Particl, are the owners and captains of this ship.
Provably secure code
Everything we say, we do. But you don't have to blindly trust our words for it. Our code is open-source, audited, and publicly available for review so that you and everyone else can verify our very bold claims!
No ads
Shop and sell stuff online without being bombarded with pesky ads and without sharing your data with invasive advertisers. Particl Marketplace is your trusty safe haven that lets you go about your business without being harassed all the time.
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